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This person is no stranger to those that know/follow my journey but I wanted to dedicate another post to my sister Sam Lao. Plus these photos taken by Jeremy are badass. She doesnt know it, but she really inspires and motivates me to keep pushing but enough with all the sappy stuff.

KillaMC.Net Exclusive: MPH (music video)

Taaag teeeam back again!

If you’re not a 90s baby you prolly wont get that reference but o well, I still love you!

Me and Jeremy Biggers return for another visual to drop on yall fools for the 99-2000. I introduce a song called “MPH” short for “Mil (as in million) per hour”. This isnt another song about money or a song about a rapper making you feel useless. This is a song that I feel that anybody with a dashboard can relate too. I encourage everyone to learn their worth and not apologize for making demands that properly compensate their skill set no matter what it may be. This video is dear to me because I recently broke my arm so rather than sit and around and sulk in the pain, my sister Sam made me a cool faux (killa loves the animals) fur sling and we got to work! Fun Fact. There are 2 versions of this video: we have the 99 version that’s holding it down for an era that I know and love and we have the 2000 version for all of you “it has to be HD” heads!

feel free to watch both!

and special shoutout to Vicious ViVi and her crew of amazing women that helped bring this video to life!

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IndieInTheBigD:End of Summer Showcase Recap


the good people that put on the Indie in the Big D events decided to include me in on the wrap of their End of Summer Showcase event. They are really cool people and the events are always fun to be apart of so it was something i definitely wanted to do. Check out this cool interview they were able to compile and be sure to head over to their site to stay updated on all the cool things they plan to do!

#BringinTheFunk2: Recap

Bringin the Funk

Shoutout to the city for coming out and representing! We had a bigger turnout then before and each act really stepped up to the plate and delivered high energy sets. It feels good to be apart of building a scene within the city that people can say they are proud to be apart of and i hope with the help of my friends and other talented acts that I can continue to due the same. Save the date for October 25th! we’re going to do it again! In the meantime check out the photos that Luna Photography captured and tell a friend to be sure to catch the next one!

Take a Trip to West Pantego!!!

Click picture for Free Download/Stream

Click picture for Free Download/Stream

Almost about a year ago during another routine recording session me and Ish had pretty much reached a dry period (pause). We were sitting in a room with Jeremy and his gf Sam exploring old beat catalogs that we’re pretty much collecting dust on Ish’s hard drive. Sam had mention that she used to dabble in spoken word poetry and had tried rapping a tad here and there but nothing serious ever came out of it. Before you know it, I talked Ish into whipping up a beat on the spot and began persuading her to really give it another try. Fast forward a couple of months and She’s now became a jane of all trades painting, designing, cutting, sewing, rapping, and performing. I’m proud to say that I was apart of this process so I want the whole world to feel the same way. Get her debut EP here!