Exclusive: Travis Lilley Photoshoot

So awhile ago, a really talented photographer named Travis Lilley reached out and said he wanted to get some non-studio shots of me being cool. That sounded like a good time to me and i had some fits and new gold that needed to be captured. take a gander at what we came up with!

On tha Bluff

for those of you who arent familiar with the movie “Snow on tha bluff” i strongly suggest you go watch it. me and the homies spent an entire weekend watching the movie over and over again in total shock that this type of movie was on netflix, as a result, i decided to record a track and shoot a BTS video of me talk shxt as well as a couple of photos shot by my homie TheNoiz with my homegirl Bre.


Official Press Photos

me and the homie Jeremy Biggers linked up awhile back and knocked out a few shots simply for me to have some new joints to shop around. Here’s a couple for yall to see. check em out!