#PopThat: A recap of my first hosting gig



so earlier this month I got the opportunity to host CentralTrack.com’s first dance party that they are trying to start on the 1st Friday of every month. Although it was completely uncharted territory for me, I accepted the challenge and end up having a blast! Even got introduced to an act called Spank Rock who pretty much embodied the phrase “Turn Up” since he was able to perform/pass out twice during his set(yea, you read that right..long story haha). My good friend Johnathan of Dijital Noiz was there to capture all of the nights festivities and if you want to see more photos you can click here for the full gallery. 

On tha Bluff

for those of you who arent familiar with the movie “Snow on tha bluff” i strongly suggest you go watch it. me and the homies spent an entire weekend watching the movie over and over again in total shock that this type of movie was on netflix, as a result, i decided to record a track and shoot a BTS video of me talk shxt as well as a couple of photos shot by my homie TheNoiz with my homegirl Bre.