81G Fall/Winter Lookbook

Here’s a look at some of the new items that Ive added to the store. All images were shot by Franco Perry and features upcoming singer Librada and DJ Luvssik. This particular series is special to me because I feel like it embodies the energy of the music that I’ve been creating and it was the last time I saw my friend Librada before she left to chase dreams in the city of angels. Take some time to appreciate the hardwork that we all put in, and then head on over to the store to update your closet! 

Flashback Friday: The Charm Skool Show

I realized that Ive been neglecting my site as usual so Ive been going back and digging up some of the recent interviews/podcasts/etc that Ive been apart of to share with you guys! This video is from the time that I got to join the cool girls from “The Charm Skool Show” as we talked about what life was like being in the friend zone and if there is any way to get out of it. Ignore the fact that I look like I’m going on a job interview and just soak up the game that was being dropped haha. Enjoy!


Don’t Take it Personal: Top 10 MC’s

The other day I got the opportunity to sit down with my good friends from the “Don’t Take It Personal” podcast as they put together a new segment in which we discussed who were the top 10 MC’s of all time. Joined by other artists/contributors native to Dallas, Tx we laughed and debated who we thought belonged on this coveted list. Feel free to take a peek and watch along and see if you agree or disagree.