BTS: The List (video shoot)


its about that time folks. Apparently people have been out here making “panels” and top 10 rap list again and I seemingly get left out of the conversation. Now this usually isn’t a problem, but with so much blasphemy and disrespect going on within these circle jerks they call “discussions” its only right that I decide to air out my thoughts/opinions through the music. With that being said, I’ve enlisted the award winning video director Jeremy Biggers to bring the song to life. I HOPE it pisses certain people off and I HOPE it makes other “artist/s” feel some type of way. Shoutout to my man Big Sergio that was in the cut taking photos, and heres a few glimpses of whats going on. IMG_20150108_234416 IMG_20150109_000530 IMG_20150109_002701

IndieInTheBigD:End of Summer Showcase Recap


the good people that put on the Indie in the Big D events decided to include me in on the wrap of their End of Summer Showcase event. They are really cool people and the events are always fun to be apart of so it was something i definitely wanted to do. Check out this cool interview they were able to compile and be sure to head over to their site to stay updated on all the cool things they plan to do!

Lil Debbie Does Dallas:Recap


we got the opportunity to perform alongside California’s sweetheart Lil Debbie. Chilton Classic was there on the scene to capture some of that night’s moments. Be sure to visit his page to view more pictures and special shoutout to Intelligent Grind Promotions and Cosign Mag for putting this event together! Shane McCormick Photography was also on the scene at the Debbie show to provide you with another video perspective from the event! check it out!

Take a Trip to West Pantego!!!

Click picture for Free Download/Stream

Click picture for Free Download/Stream

Almost about a year ago during another routine recording session me and Ish had pretty much reached a dry period (pause). We were sitting in a room with Jeremy and his gf Sam exploring old beat catalogs that we’re pretty much collecting dust on Ish’s hard drive. Sam had mention that she used to dabble in spoken word poetry and had tried rapping a tad here and there but nothing serious ever came out of it. Before you know it, I talked Ish into whipping up a beat on the spot and began persuading her to really give it another try. Fast forward a couple of months and She’s now became a jane of all trades painting, designing, cutting, sewing, rapping, and performing. I’m proud to say that I was apart of this process so I want the whole world to feel the same way. Get her debut EP here!

On tha Bluff

for those of you who arent familiar with the movie “Snow on tha bluff” i strongly suggest you go watch it. me and the homies spent an entire weekend watching the movie over and over again in total shock that this type of movie was on netflix, as a result, i decided to record a track and shoot a BTS video of me talk shxt as well as a couple of photos shot by my homie TheNoiz with my homegirl Bre.