Flashback Friday: The Charm Skool Show

I realized that Ive been neglecting my site as usual so Ive been going back and digging up some of the recent interviews/podcasts/etc that Ive been apart of to share with you guys! This video is from the time that I got to join the cool girls from “The Charm Skool Show” as we talked about what life was like being in the friend zone and if there is any way to get out of it. Ignore the fact that I look like I’m going on a job interview and just soak up the game that was being dropped haha. Enjoy!


In honor of Throwback Thursday…

I wanted to drop a fan favorite. this song opened a lot of ears to me and the video solidified my coolness. I love it because I was able to be 100% ME in this video(as you should be with every video you shoot). I remember the day we shot it as if it was just yesterday, and the continued support I get from my friends that were involved during the shooting is what keeps me going! turn up one time!