Baked 2 a Tee collaboration

Got the opportunity to be one of the first people to wear a new design that was crafted by the good people of . This particular shirt is called the Huxtable tee and doesnt really need an explanation on why this shirt is a must have. check out the pics, and follow the website to be put onto more cool stuff for the summer! Exclusive: Travis Lilley Photoshoot

So awhile ago, a really talented photographer named Travis Lilley reached out and said he wanted to get some non-studio shots of me being cool. That sounded like a good time to me and i had some fits and new gold that needed to be captured. take a gander at what we came up with!

Lil Debbie Does Dallas:Recap


we got the opportunity to perform alongside California’s sweetheart Lil Debbie. Chilton Classic was there on the scene to capture some of that night’s moments. Be sure to visit his page to view more pictures and special shoutout to Intelligent Grind Promotions and Cosign Mag for putting this event together! Shane McCormick Photography was also on the scene at the Debbie show to provide you with another video perspective from the event! check it out!

#BringinTheFunk2: Recap

Bringin the Funk

Shoutout to the city for coming out and representing! We had a bigger turnout then before and each act really stepped up to the plate and delivered high energy sets. It feels good to be apart of building a scene within the city that people can say they are proud to be apart of and i hope with the help of my friends and other talented acts that I can continue to due the same. Save the date for October 25th! we’re going to do it again! In the meantime check out the photos that Luna Photography captured and tell a friend to be sure to catch the next one!