Exclusive: Midnight in Montclair


On top of suffering through a severely broken arm incident, I had the pleasure of being broken up with by someone I planned on being with for the rest of my life. I wont get into the specifics of what happened or go on a rampage/slander campaign because honestly I don’t have it in me. I should be mad but I’m not. Disappointed more than anything. The whole situation just feels weird and super unresolved so I did the only thing I know how to do and that’s make a song about it. I know a lot of my recent music seems to be more on the edgier/aggressive side, but I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t put it out there that I am heartbroken. This isn’t an attempt to get back with her, or feel sympathy from the peanut gallery, this is strictly a way for y’all to help me get over it by putting my thoughts, feelings, and confusion out in the universe.

The song in itself is pretty raw (you can ever hear me turning the pages in my notepad as I’m recording) to help convey what I was feeling. Produced by Promnite, I found this instrumental while traveling through the black hole of soundcloud. I hope he’s cool about me rapping on it, but if not, enjoy the song while its up.

For those that would potentially ask, Yes, “She” has heard the song. She was actually the first person to hear it but the conversation that ensued will be told only on my vh1 special haha.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned because I’ll be back soon to give you show dates and videos before you know it.

Exclusive: Letter to Tori ft. YKK

yo yo what up!

I decided to drop a lil something something for yall to bump.

I call this one “Letter to Tori” simply because its a fun song and its uplifting a hometown model Tori Brixx. I was originally going to name it after this bird ass chick but the universe diverted my attention to someone more worthy haha. You know how that shxt go!

anywho, the song was produced by Blair Norf and features my friend YKK. If you belong to my email list (which you should be, but if you dont, drop your email in the comment section) you got the song exclusively yesterday. Shoutout to facebook for hating on me with the album artwork, saying its apparently too risque to promote but whatever, I aint changing it!

if you see/know ms. Tori, tell her I said hey, and that i hope shes not offended. Exclusive: The List (Video)

Yo, waddup! I wanna take the time out to give you an exclusive look of a new track from my upcoming project “Gate Keeper”, which will be a full length LP available for digital download this spring. This song is called “The List”. I consider this song my response to being snubbed from various hip hop discussions throughout the Dallas media. I felt that rather than complain about it via twitter and Facebook, I would take the hip hop approach and release my frustrations through music. With that being said, award winning video director and good friend of mine, Jeremy Biggers, lent his talents in helping me bring the song to life in a visual that encompasses my roots in both 90s hip hop and African American culture. With scenes reminiscent of Black Panther Party photos from the 70s fused with quintessential hip hop imagery of the 90s, I feel this music video accurately represents who I am and I hope that others can connect with my agenda to speak out against groups who refuse to acknowledge the realness that Killa is bringing in 2015.

Disclaimer: This song and video do contain profane language and it is not recommended that you blast the record at maximum volume levels while at your place of employment. Maximum volume is however recommended for homes, clubs, cars, bars and social hangouts.

Thank you for your continued support. If you should decide to share this video, please feel free to tag me on your social networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, under the name 88Killa. Exclusive: 4PM in Fort Worth

4pm In Fort Worth cover art

So its been awhile.

maybe too long. my bad.

I had to get my life together real quick so I can continue to live my raps. With that being said, I stumbled across this track while surfing the soundcloud labyrinth and it instantly provided a way for me to get some things off of my chest. I touched lightly on whats been going on with the group as well as tried to drop a few hints of the type of stuff ive been dealing with internally as of late. This song isn’t going on any project, but that doesnt mean that it shouldnt be added to your ipod. check it out and feel free to drop any questions/comments in the appropriate area!

Lil Debbie Does Dallas:Recap


we got the opportunity to perform alongside California’s sweetheart Lil Debbie. Chilton Classic was there on the scene to capture some of that night’s moments. Be sure to visit his page to view more pictures and special shoutout to Intelligent Grind Promotions and Cosign Mag for putting this event together! Shane McCormick Photography was also on the scene at the Debbie show to provide you with another video perspective from the event! check it out!