Exclusive: 88 Karats EP

88 Karats EP cover

what up everbody!

I know its been awhile since I updated the site, but things have been going well! I’ve recently been signed to Def Disco and became very busy recording an EP to send out to all the people that have been rocking with me since day one. So now I present to you: 88 Karats!

its a quick 6 track EP that is available on various digital marketplaces that features production from: Ish D, Blue the Misfit, Xes, PicnicTyme, and Kartel Kush. If you’ve been following me on twitter/soundcloud/instagram than you’ve been seeing all of the cool international reviews and write ups as well as promo material. So click here or the picture up above to purchase your copy of my EP today and stay tuned to catch a show in your city soon!

Official Tracklist:

1. Kream
2. Tear Drop
3. IDK
4. MPH
5. Skrt On a Harter
6. Mic Check ft Sam Lao Exclusive: Midnight in Montclair


On top of suffering through a severely broken arm incident, I had the pleasure of being broken up with by someone I planned on being with for the rest of my life. I wont get into the specifics of what happened or go on a rampage/slander campaign because honestly I don’t have it in me. I should be mad but I’m not. Disappointed more than anything. The whole situation just feels weird and super unresolved so I did the only thing I know how to do and that’s make a song about it. I know a lot of my recent music seems to be more on the edgier/aggressive side, but I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t put it out there that I am heartbroken. This isn’t an attempt to get back with her, or feel sympathy from the peanut gallery, this is strictly a way for y’all to help me get over it by putting my thoughts, feelings, and confusion out in the universe.

The song in itself is pretty raw (you can ever hear me turning the pages in my notepad as I’m recording) to help convey what I was feeling. Produced by Promnite, I found this instrumental while traveling through the black hole of soundcloud. I hope he’s cool about me rapping on it, but if not, enjoy the song while its up.

For those that would potentially ask, Yes, “She” has heard the song. She was actually the first person to hear it but the conversation that ensued will be told only on my vh1 special haha.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned because I’ll be back soon to give you show dates and videos before you know it.

KillaMC.Net Exclusive: MPH (music video)

Taaag teeeam back again!

If you’re not a 90s baby you prolly wont get that reference but o well, I still love you!

Me and Jeremy Biggers return for another visual to drop on yall fools for the 99-2000. I introduce a song called “MPH” short for “Mil (as in million) per hour”. This isnt another song about money or a song about a rapper making you feel useless. This is a song that I feel that anybody with a dashboard can relate too. I encourage everyone to learn their worth and not apologize for making demands that properly compensate their skill set no matter what it may be. This video is dear to me because I recently broke my arm so rather than sit and around and sulk in the pain, my sister Sam made me a cool faux (killa loves the animals) fur sling and we got to work! Fun Fact. There are 2 versions of this video: we have the 99 version that’s holding it down for an era that I know and love and we have the 2000 version for all of you “it has to be HD” heads!

feel free to watch both!

and special shoutout to Vicious ViVi and her crew of amazing women that helped bring this video to life!

Go Spread the Word!